Illinois Firearm Owners Watch Those Expiration Dates!

Illinois Firearm Owners Watch Those Expiration Dates!

22nd Apr 2019

January of 2019 marked the official 5 year anniversary of the Illinois Concealed Carry Licensing Act allowing Illinois residents to apply for their Concealed Carry License. The first licenses were issued in February of 2014 and since then those who were approved and received their license to conceal carry in the state of Illinois were now responsible for maintaining 2 separate cards pertaining to the possession and carrying of firearms. What do these two separate licenses have in common you may be wondering? They both EXPIRE! 

Illinois FOID cards carry a long term expiration date being 10 full years from the date of issuance. This 10 year lapse seems to be catching many lawful gun owners off guard and it can you into a legal trick bag real quick if your not paying attention. The danger of letting your FOID card lapse it's expiration is simple, once your FOID card expires your Illinois CCL License is also immediately REVOKED! This means you can no longer lawfully own or carry your firearm(s)  and you can also expect a letter from the Illinois State Police advising you to turn your firearms in to your local police department just to make matters worse. 

Your Illinois Concealed Carry License carries a shorter term of expiration being 5 years from the date of issuance. Illinois license holder's are also required to complete a 3 hour refresher course (3 hours combination of legal & manipulation / live fire qualifications) in order to re-apply for your license. Just like the FOID card what we are seeing as a certified training facility is a lot of people who were either unaware or have let their license lapse it's expiration. In an effort to help those who have lapsed we had to add an emergency renewal curriculum to our course offerings to combat license holders from the same fate as a FOID expiration....revocation....

So what can you do to make sure you stay within compliance? Watch those expiration dates plain and simple! You can reapply for your FOID and CCL when you are within 90 days of expiration. If either renewal is attempted farther out from the 90 day state requirement it seems to create an error on the state system. So clearly our recommendation is to wait until day # 90 and then start the application process! We have seen hundred of examples so far in 2019 of this occurring so please heed caution and stay ahead of this! 

Both the FOID and Illinois Concealed Carry License services are available during our normal business hours and if you are about to expire and cannot make it to our scheduled renewal class call our office and we will make sure you DO NOT LAPSE! 

Sidenote: If either license has expired but you have already taken the steps online to renew it you are still 100% legal to own, possess and carry your firearms while your license is "Under Review" on the Illinois State Police Side. 

For more info you can reference the state police website here:

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