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This is a very bold step taken by Panera today whom asked their patrons to leave their guns at home. Most big business steers clear of the gun issue for a very good reason, you boycott our right to protect ourselves and we boycott your business. Illinois Concealed Carry Permit Holder's take note: NO PANERA!

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Homeowner Shoots Intruder

We love seeing stories like this, where a good guy with a gun ends a potential lethal threat in his own home no less. The criminals in Illinois need to start figuring out that "WE THE PEOPLE" will not tolerate their criminal behavior and will not lay down to become their victims, if there is [...]

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Not a boring class

Posted by Joe on 25th Aug 2014 This class was excellent. The instructor really know how to keep the attention of the students.I have and will continue to recommend Blackhawk tactical for their excellent fire arms training.

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We are 5 Star rated across the board! Here is a few of our reviews that you can also find on our Facebook page!

"Thank you! Speaking with others who have taken courses elsewhere, you have a much better curriculum examining real world situations and take firearm safety to the level it deserves. Thank you again and I will be sending friends and family to take your IL CCW class" ~ Nate (Chicago) "This was a good weekend. The [...]

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